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Twice as Nice

Two times a year I am aloud to expect a turkey leg: state fair and Thanksgiving.  I am blessed to have those two days, I just wish they were a little more spread out. I am grateful none the less. A little personal, a little selfish; but never take the small things for granted.

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Paper Turkey

I love crafting, infact when I am done with this post I am going to go scrapbook. So go out and make your paper Turkey, because pictures are worth a million words. My family takes pictures of everything.  I have an aunt who has her picture taken every year with a mouth full of food. The only reason I remember this is because there is picture proof.  Even if you don’t think it is going to be a big moment snap it anyways, just don’t put too much detail on that page when you scarp it. I am so grateful for pictures, they are easy to remember,  fun, and last a lifetime. Go into the world ladies powered with the mission to photograph everything. 

I Corinthians 11:23-25

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The Sweet Spot

The moment when everyone is sitting down happily snacking on what is left on their plate,  telling stories of holidays past. Then it happens,  the noise fades out,  you look onto the sweetest moment of the day. Perfect harmony has been achieved.  It does not matter if someone has upset you that year,  if someone said all the wrong things,  no trespassings matter. The room is so full of peace and love it fills everyone to the point of extreme happiness. I love this moment, when the world is so perfect,  when life is in the sweet spot. This is the moment I look forward to all year,  the cooking,  the cleaning,  and the traveling are all worth it in this moment.  So I implore you savor this moment as much as you do desserts.

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The Thanksgiving Juke

I love to cook and I love to cook big meals for my family.  This year may not be my year to do so,  which kind of got me down, at first. Then all the thankful thoughts came to mind. I won’t have a house full of people, no huge mess, and I don’t have to cook all day. These are all the selfish things to be thankful for,  but every once and while it’s OK. My family is still going to have Thanksgiving and we are still going to be together. So while I would love to do all those things in the comfort of my own home;  I will settle for making a mess in someone else’s house.
Psalms 107:30

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Expectant Promise

I know my thirty thoughts for November are Thanksgiving related, but this one is about hope. After the weekend I had hope deserves a spotlight moment in my blog. The definition for hope is pretty simple, but I am amazed by the fact that some of the synonyms are: trust and promise. Trust and promise are huge words to be associated with. Especially in my life, I do not hope for small things because I know God is going to take care of those. I hope that my pop is going to be cured of cancer, I hope that there is going to be amazing healing my relationship with my dad, and I hope to see the world with God’s eyes. I know that the greatest of the these is love, but we must step aside and see that we can not love with out hope, and we can not love with out faith. Today I am beyond grateful for hope also the trust and promise that come with hope.

I Corinthians 13:1-13

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Quiet Friday

Tons of people will get up at the butt crack of dawn and shop in the insanity that is black Friday. Not this lady, I will sleep in late and enjoy the quiet. I love my house full of family with tons of stories being told. When you have a big family crammed into one small place it gets intense. Hold tight, because all that noise just makes the next day that much quieter. This year wait a day enjoy quiet Friday, and shop on gray Saturday.

Col. 3:15

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special Thursday

After a weekend long church retreat, this lady is exhausted. No deep thoughts today, but still tons of gratitude. Every woman knows what Thanksgiving is all about in Texas. Yes, it is about the food, but then comes the football! I can not tell a lie, I do not mind cooking all day just to sit with my family and watch an amazing game. There is not much in this world that I love more than a good meal, good football, and great family.
Psalms 100:4

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Our Memories

When thinking about reasons to be grateful for the holidays, memories are an easy reason. I have so many wonderful memories of my great grandparents, partly due to the fact they lived close to me and partly because I had a young mom. When they passed I did think, ” The holidays will never be the same.” I just knew I would not see them anymore. Now as my son connects with his great grandparents, I remember all the wonderful moments with mine. My great grandma Mc Crae always said, ” Make this Christmas a good one, it is going to be my last.” After five years you take that comment in stride. Now that she is no longer here in person. it does not mean she is not here in my heart. Studies show that when we recall a memory the brain does not recall the actual event, the brain recalls the last time we remember the moment in our mind. This means our memories adapt each time; because we begin to remember the moment as it feels in our heart. So cherish your memories, because each time they get a little sweeter.

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Thankful giving

This year I had decided that I would be bold and do Thanksgiving at my house, not even a whole fourty eight hours later I was biting my tongue. The next day my phone was ringing nonstop with questions of when we would do Thanksgiving. I had assumed since it was not till the fourth Thursday of the month I would have till at least the second Sunday to let every one know. I was wrong! A week later, I can look upon these events and smile. Thanks to all that planning I got to have lunch with my grandparents, and my son got make new memories with his great grandparents. When we get caught up in the negative and tidious details, we lose sight of the positive that comes out of strife. Planning Thanksgiving certainly caused me stress, but it caused me to call people I usually speak to once and a while. So I encourage you to look on a moment that you felt as if you signed up for more than you can handle; and ask yourself, “What became of all that hard work?” When you have that thought smile, because I promise at least one good thing came out of that event.

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A new thank you everyday

This blog is a journey for me to find ways to enjoy life more. Over the next twelve months I am going to pick a topic to find thirty things that make me grateful for that topic. I hope this encourages all of my readers to see each day with new eyes. No matter how bad the day, I promise there is always one thing to be thankful.