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Comings and Goings

Thanksgiving has come and gone, black Friday has breezed by, and now onto Christmas. I like these in-between moments, when you can kind of stop and breath. This is definitely one of those whole weekends I am grateful for, when you can sleep in and not feel guilty. I also am so grateful for this weather, perfect breeze and chilly nights. This weather helps to promote the baking season. I love all these moments when they come together to create great peace. So if you wondering what I have been grateful for these past days, it has been the days themselves. Each and everyone have been a breathe of fresh air.

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Church Turkey

I am so blessed to be apart of a church that believes in doing life together,  we believe in family.  I know someone is always right there for me, just a phone call away. I am so thankful that the leaders in church take time out of their lives to help put together a dinner for 150 plus people. I am so thankful that 365 days a year I know my church is working on bringing the family closer. If you do not have a church family,  go find you one, it is a family that you may have had no idea that you needed. Church family love is so amazing,  so covering,  so kind!
Jer.  3:14-15

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The Sweet Spot

The moment when everyone is sitting down happily snacking on what is left on their plate,  telling stories of holidays past. Then it happens,  the noise fades out,  you look onto the sweetest moment of the day. Perfect harmony has been achieved.  It does not matter if someone has upset you that year,  if someone said all the wrong things,  no trespassings matter. The room is so full of peace and love it fills everyone to the point of extreme happiness. I love this moment, when the world is so perfect,  when life is in the sweet spot. This is the moment I look forward to all year,  the cooking,  the cleaning,  and the traveling are all worth it in this moment.  So I implore you savor this moment as much as you do desserts.

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Expectant Promise

I know my thirty thoughts for November are Thanksgiving related, but this one is about hope. After the weekend I had hope deserves a spotlight moment in my blog. The definition for hope is pretty simple, but I am amazed by the fact that some of the synonyms are: trust and promise. Trust and promise are huge words to be associated with. Especially in my life, I do not hope for small things because I know God is going to take care of those. I hope that my pop is going to be cured of cancer, I hope that there is going to be amazing healing my relationship with my dad, and I hope to see the world with God’s eyes. I know that the greatest of the these is love, but we must step aside and see that we can not love with out hope, and we can not love with out faith. Today I am beyond grateful for hope also the trust and promise that come with hope.

I Corinthians 13:1-13

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Quiet Friday

Tons of people will get up at the butt crack of dawn and shop in the insanity that is black Friday. Not this lady, I will sleep in late and enjoy the quiet. I love my house full of family with tons of stories being told. When you have a big family crammed into one small place it gets intense. Hold tight, because all that noise just makes the next day that much quieter. This year wait a day enjoy quiet Friday, and shop on gray Saturday.

Col. 3:15

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