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My Husband

on December 5, 2012

Recap, my blog is thirty thoughts of happiness, thankfulness, gratitude, and the like. Each month I will pick a new topic, and my goal is to do this for a year. Love is every where as long as we have loving eyes. So hopefully my blog will reach a few of you and help to devlope your loving eyes.
  December, the month of giving presents, and the birth of our Savior. Christmas has not always been an easy time for me. My childhood was rough and with out fail my father would call me and tell me he could not see me. God had different plans for me, He had decided it was time for healing. At the ripe age of twenty one I was blessed with my son, and his father. So, I am dedicating this months thirty thoughts to my husband, who has given more than any earthly man ever could.
   Once again I am behind on my post, the woes of being a mother. So here we go, five things I love about my husband.
Since the minute I met him, he has been devoted to me. We met while waiting tables, so he sacfriced his time at work to help makesure I was successful. Today he still makes sure I am provided and taken care of, and he does this with love in his heart. My husband makes me smile till  my face hurts. I love the way he makes my happiness a priorty to him. He always is there to wipe away my tears. Through tradegy, heart aches, tribulations, and trials; he stands beside me and holds my hand. I take great comfort knowing that whatever lies ahead of me I will not face it alone. He is strong for me. I have a habbit of feeling like the world is falling apart at any sign of trouble, and then he comes in with his super glue and helps me to see that it will all be ok. Plain and simple he is my super hero.
   Lastly, I love his nerdiness. I am not sure if that is word, it is now! We watch Doctor Who together, and I love that show, but can not understand it for the life of me. My husband does, and he explains to me all in the end. God has given me many gifts, but not one greater than my partner, the love of my life.


One response to “My Husband

  1. bethzinn says:

    This is a homerun Gabby!!! Thank you for sharing your heart… You got it!

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