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Three Days Thanks

on November 19, 2012

So I am new to blogging and finding it a challenge to blog everyday. Hopefully by the end of the month it will become habit. Well last post was two days behind and this one is three.
Number one, the diversity in a room of two hundred people. We are what we eat right? Let us take a step back to the food before consumption.  What we cook tells people who we are as well. Often we cook dishes that our families have made for generations,  and they make those dishes because it usually comes from their ancestors. 
Number two:  All the food to eat. Now that I am married I have two family Thanksgivings, and third including my church-giving. Around the end of November I don’t have to cook much.  I still get to eat till my heart is content, and then some. This is what the holidays are about right?  If they are not don’t tell me otherwise.
Number three: Holidays are about tradition,  and each year my son learns a little more. I love looking in on him making memories. I still make new ones each year, but watching him trying to remember faces he sees once a year, and attempting to make that connection. All the stories he comes away with, it is beautiful watching my whole family being carried on in the memories of my son.


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