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Last Year’s last thought, First thing New Year


Moms will agree with me, when I say we are always running behind. I am always late, even when  it would seem impossible to be late, I make it happen. So without further adieu I will finish my thirty thoughts as to why I love my husband.

                Thirteen more thoughts to finish, not that I do not have thirteen thoughts as to why I love my husband, but they maybe a little abstract since I am trying to draw them up all at once.  In order to keep me on my toes I am going to do this like a countdown, Enjoy.

Thirteen:  He loves to cook. At one point in our relationship he was a stay at home dad, and took over everything to my amazement. He grocery shopped, created a meal plan, and even planned our budget at the grocery down to the penny. I was in awe, but it did not last forever. I was so crippled by my lack of attendance at the grocery, I would call him and ask, “What do we need, how do I shop again?”  I loved coming home to his creations; the kitchen is truly his art studio.

Twelve:  My dear husband lets me explore options with my hair. I am one of the women who enjoy changing their hair once a month. I like to dye it, cut it, you name it. He sweetly smiles each time and says, “Whatever you like sweetheart.”  Some of his response may be due to the fact we have been together for sixty months, and that is a lot of change. No matter to me, his flexibility is awesome in my eyes.

Eleven: I used to get up early and do my hair and makeup. Not anymore, having a child put an end to that.  I am sure people think after four years I would adjust and slowly but surely I am. My husband adjusted to the look of me without all the upgrades. I used to feel so self conscience of the lack of makeup, but he helped to understand my beauty is on the inside, and even without the frills, I am still pretty jazzy.

Ten:  He massages my feet  even though he is the one who is working all day. This means the world to me; it shows he sees my work in the house. He does not have to use words or gifts he uses his actions. This simple gesture usually makes my day, and lets me see that he sees what I do all day.

Nine: He embraces my craftiness, it may not do him much good, but he loves because it makes me happy. This man does not have  a crafty bone in his body, and most likely will not ever scrapbook with me, but he does look at my work and gives his input. Awesome!

Eight: He accepts the fact that I cannot stand snoring, and politely rolls over after I jab in the side a couple of times. I do not know how other men react, but I know if my husband was poking at me telling me to move in my sleep, I would not respond so well. He on the other hand just quietly moves and quits snoring. I love it.

Seven:  He trusts me enough to shave his side burns. I cannot cut a straight line with a paper cutter, I do not know how I manage to fudge it up, but I do. So the fact that he asks me to cut his sideburns every so often is a big sign of trust to me.

Six: He gives into my quirks every now and then. I have some pretty outrageous ones that need to be worked out and put to bed, but most of the time he obliges me and accommodates. I think it is awesome because he has some of his own quirks that conflict with mine, but somehow we cohabitate and I do not ever see that ending.

Five: We are in the final countdown; quite frankly I am happy because I am running out of reasons off hand. He takes the time to read my blog, even when it is not about him. I sure this month it has taken priority since it is about him, but even when I post about “boring” women things, he gives a moment of his day to me.

Four: He wipes away my tears even if I am crying about nonsense. Sometimes I just have those days where an injured lady bug could make me ball my eyes outs. No matter the cause he is standing beside me wiping the tears away.

Three: He plays imaginary with my son like no other. I love that his inner child is alive and well. I think it is an important aspect of parenting. I love watching him help to cultivate our child’s imagination. May I say, he is really good at helping our child’s imagination grow.

Two:  This thought may be a repeat, but it is a good one to repeat. He stands beside me through thick and thin, not just metaphorically but also weight wise. I packed on the pounds while I was pregnant; I dropped them pretty quick, became a stay at home mom, and put a few back pounds back on. No, seriously no matter what is happening with my family (his in laws), he stands with me and holds my hand. He keeps me strong and grounded, for this I am thankful beyond belief.

The number one reason: If you are imaging someone reading this a loud as you reading it, please try to hear (“the number one reason”) through a megaphone.  He loves me, plain and simple.  This man picked me, and he loves me for me. He loves me when I am at my best and my worst, including all the places in between. He hears my problems, listens to me whine, and regards my issues as his. This amazes me beyond belief. I know the love of Jesus, learning the love of a father, and gaining knowledge of what a wonderful husband looks like. I could go on about this point forever but I believe that my readership gets the point.

Thank you guys who have taken this journey with me, I hope you are ready to buckle up for a couple more. I am staying to true to myself and making decisions at the last moment about my January subject. Stay tuned for the surprise.


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Seven is the magic number

I have heard if you make it past the first seven years in a marriage you know you can make it a life time.  Personally I always thought that was a long time to learn if you can live with someone.  My husband and I had to take the fast track, God already knew we were soul mates, so He wasn’t going waste any time. Right away our family got started, by surprise, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Here we go, seven reasons for seven days. Number one my husband’s smile is infecticous. I know all laughs are contagious, but even my husband’s smile makes me smile. In his every smile there is so much love and happiness. This is one of the many reasons it did not take me seven years to work out the idea of spending a life time with this man.
   Touch is one of the top senses to me, probably top two. The first time he hugged me, I knew I had to have more. When his skin touches my skin I am on cloud nine. Physical touch is not one of my top love languages, but when he touches me my skin sings out in happiness. Now before things get weird, I am going to move onto number three.
   I am a brown eyed woman in a family of people with blues, I have brown hair in a world that puts blondes on a soap box. When those blue eyes glanced my way and he smiled at me, I knew. So now when my husband wants something, he just uses his smarm. As I know it, he just smiles and flashes his eyes. You will never find this girl complaining though, his eyes melt my butter.
  Fantastic number four, he gets pedicures with me. Whenever I can get them, he is more than happy to get one with me, which I am super grateful for. This woman can not stand nasty feet, I do not mind feet on the whole, but please keep them sweet.  I have mentioned that my dear spouse has a wonderful sense of humor, this also comes to play when he has to laugh at my jokes. Trust me

“has to laugh” is an understatement, I make terrible jokes. The kind of corney ones that when you say them, you kind of wonder how your brain thought it was funny.
   Final two, he has gotten to the point he shops with me. When I met him, he was the ultimate home body. Just as it takes time for a flower to bloom, so it has come to fruition a season of social blooming for my husband. I don’t know if I should compare my husband to a flower blossom, my blog my choices right? Anyways, let us end on a high note. This man’s hair is just down right unfair. It is golden with natural high lights, soft, full, and looks perfect first thing in the morning. Personally, I think it is unfair that a man has hair like this, but God’s choice right. Well at least it is in my life, and  the beautiful soul that is underneath those amazing locks.   I hope you have enjoyed this odd journey of my appreacitaion for the physical appreance of my husband. 


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My Husband

Recap, my blog is thirty thoughts of happiness, thankfulness, gratitude, and the like. Each month I will pick a new topic, and my goal is to do this for a year. Love is every where as long as we have loving eyes. So hopefully my blog will reach a few of you and help to devlope your loving eyes.
  December, the month of giving presents, and the birth of our Savior. Christmas has not always been an easy time for me. My childhood was rough and with out fail my father would call me and tell me he could not see me. God had different plans for me, He had decided it was time for healing. At the ripe age of twenty one I was blessed with my son, and his father. So, I am dedicating this months thirty thoughts to my husband, who has given more than any earthly man ever could.
   Once again I am behind on my post, the woes of being a mother. So here we go, five things I love about my husband.
Since the minute I met him, he has been devoted to me. We met while waiting tables, so he sacfriced his time at work to help makesure I was successful. Today he still makes sure I am provided and taken care of, and he does this with love in his heart. My husband makes me smile till  my face hurts. I love the way he makes my happiness a priorty to him. He always is there to wipe away my tears. Through tradegy, heart aches, tribulations, and trials; he stands beside me and holds my hand. I take great comfort knowing that whatever lies ahead of me I will not face it alone. He is strong for me. I have a habbit of feeling like the world is falling apart at any sign of trouble, and then he comes in with his super glue and helps me to see that it will all be ok. Plain and simple he is my super hero.
   Lastly, I love his nerdiness. I am not sure if that is word, it is now! We watch Doctor Who together, and I love that show, but can not understand it for the life of me. My husband does, and he explains to me all in the end. God has given me many gifts, but not one greater than my partner, the love of my life.

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Comings and Goings

Thanksgiving has come and gone, black Friday has breezed by, and now onto Christmas. I like these in-between moments, when you can kind of stop and breath. This is definitely one of those whole weekends I am grateful for, when you can sleep in and not feel guilty. I also am so grateful for this weather, perfect breeze and chilly nights. This weather helps to promote the baking season. I love all these moments when they come together to create great peace. So if you wondering what I have been grateful for these past days, it has been the days themselves. Each and everyone have been a breathe of fresh air.

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Now for something completely different …

Instead of reasons why I am thankful for this month and Thanksgiving,  I am just going to be plain and simple.  I am just want to share a part of my heart and what I am thankful for in my life. I am so grateful for my family, each and every member,  my husband, and my faith. Every person has things, people, places, moments, that shape them, with out these things we would not be ourselves.  So take a moment send a thank you,  tell people you love them, it always feels  so wonderful. Thank you to those of you who take time to read my musings.

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Three Days Thanks

So I am new to blogging and finding it a challenge to blog everyday. Hopefully by the end of the month it will become habit. Well last post was two days behind and this one is three.
Number one, the diversity in a room of two hundred people. We are what we eat right? Let us take a step back to the food before consumption.  What we cook tells people who we are as well. Often we cook dishes that our families have made for generations,  and they make those dishes because it usually comes from their ancestors. 
Number two:  All the food to eat. Now that I am married I have two family Thanksgivings, and third including my church-giving. Around the end of November I don’t have to cook much.  I still get to eat till my heart is content, and then some. This is what the holidays are about right?  If they are not don’t tell me otherwise.
Number three: Holidays are about tradition,  and each year my son learns a little more. I love looking in on him making memories. I still make new ones each year, but watching him trying to remember faces he sees once a year, and attempting to make that connection. All the stories he comes away with, it is beautiful watching my whole family being carried on in the memories of my son.

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Two for one

I love reading that line in a store.  I have fallen behind on my daily post, but not in gratitude. I will admit it has gotten a little difficult to find thirty things specifically about Thanksgiving to be grateful about, none the less I have found two. I love baking for the holidays,  it is such an emotional release for me. My mother used to do it all the time, so now watching my son enjoy cookies I made, is amazing. Also I am so grateful for the electricity bills. They are amazingly low, and my house feels amazing.  I feel like these two thoughts complete my point, there is always something to say thank you. Even when you feel like all hope is lost, buy a new pair of socks,  they will feel amazing.

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‘Tis the Season

I would like Christmas decorating to start a little later in the year, and the holiday spirit to last year round. I love this season of giving and thankfulness, it is so heart warming. If only we keep our hearts warm, and hands open all the time. I mean this is the whole idea behind my blog, but it is also a big part of my heart. Random acts of kindness have a lasting effect on people. Family, friends, coworkers, and strangers all need a little pick me up sometime. Thank goodness this season R.A.C’s are encouraged,  but carry it on to the rest of the year.

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The boots with the fur, scarves with the fluff, blouse with the gravy stain. I love this weather,  cause let me say everyone looks good in a loose fitting sweater. I don’t know if marketing has just gotten to me or what, but I love me some boots: fur boots, wellies, knee high boots, suede boots, cowboy boots. If I don’t like a boot, that must be one ugly boot. You ask why the gravy stained blouse to go with all the other lovely attire? Because I have a four year old boy. Ever since he has been old enough to eat solids, I have walked away from almost every meal with some of his food on me. End story: I love fall and so in love with the attire that comes along with the season. Thank you Jesus for this cool weather. 
( I can walk out of the house with sweats on and no one thinks I am crazy.)

Psalms 96:6

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Church Turkey

I am so blessed to be apart of a church that believes in doing life together,  we believe in family.  I know someone is always right there for me, just a phone call away. I am so thankful that the leaders in church take time out of their lives to help put together a dinner for 150 plus people. I am so thankful that 365 days a year I know my church is working on bringing the family closer. If you do not have a church family,  go find you one, it is a family that you may have had no idea that you needed. Church family love is so amazing,  so covering,  so kind!
Jer.  3:14-15

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